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CANNES, France, May 12 (Xinhua) -- Critics at Cannes film festival in French Rivera widely acclaimed "Ash is Purest White", a movie by Chinese director Jia Zhangke, the only representative of Chinese cinema in the official competition for the Palme d'Or of the 71st festival edition.Li also visited Wu Village in Xia County, which has shaken off absolute poverty. He delivered goods and well wishes to villagers for the coming Lunar New Year.The construction of the Transcontinental Railroad, originally known as the Pacific Railroad, took nearly seven years to complete and stretched nearly 2,000 miles (about 3,200 km), according to the resolution.In 2009, CRCC won the bidding of the project, which extends for 18.25 km and includes nine stations. The company finished its construction in 16 months.



  • Ma Zhaoxu (front, C), Chinese permanent representative to the United Nations, addresses a Security Council meeting on transnational organized crime at sea at the UN headquarters in New York, Feb. 5, 2019. China's UN envoy on Tuesday urged support for "countries concerned" in combating transnational organized crime at sea, pointing out that maritime security remains grim on Africa's west coast. (Xinhua/Li Muzi)
  • "This festival could strengthen the friendship between Myanmar-born overseas Chinese and local Myanmar people through culture," Thant Zin Aung, a member of the organizing committee, told Xinhua.
  • "I believe that, as long as China and the UK follow the international trend of development and progress, and advance our bilateral relations with a strategic vision and political wisdom, we will write a new chapter for China-UK win-win cooperation and take the China-UK 'Golden Era' to a new high," Zhu said.
  • BEIJING, April 24 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday met with International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde ahead of the opening of the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.
  • Israeli start-ups are invited to enter the competition, and the three top winners will be awarded free trips to China to participate in the semi-finals and final there.



  Qian then took her first gold medal in the Asian Games by defeating Shao 15-9 in the all-Chinese final, while the bronze medal went to Kim Ji Yeon and Tamura Norika as there are no third-place bouts.The Chinese New Year falls on Feb. 5 this year.For his part, Peters said that enhancing cooperation with China is a consensus in New Zealand and that Wellington will continue its friendly policy toward China, stick to the one China policy, and deepen cooperation in various fields.


Li made the remarks in a meeting in Bangkok with his Australian counterpart, Scott Morrison, on the sidelines of a series of leaders' meetings on East Asian cooperation. Sunday's meeting was the seventh annual meeting between the two heads of government.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that arsenic, lead and mercury are the three most hazardous threats to human health, and the consumption of these materials often comes from contaminated water.Traditional Chinese lion dance is the first to take the stage. Two lions, with each performed by two persons under the lion costumes, did various acrobatics, drawing applauses and cheers from time to time.
The 40-year-old Rami Yifrach was also moved by the Chinese dance drama.Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (C) meets with some of the former Japanese politicians who had participated in the process of making the China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship in Tokyo, Japan, on May 10, 2018. (Xinhua/Li Tao)
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Zhang added that downward pressure, including contracting domestic demand, cannot be ignored and structural reform should continue.
The performance by two Chinese shadow play artists of the short play of "The Clever Turtle" and "Monkeys Grasp for the Moon" drew waves of laughter.
NEW DELHI, June 18 (Xinhua) -- The China-India relations could be promoted with the help of "Five Cs" -communication, cooperation, contacts, coordination and control, Chinese Ambassador Luo Zhaohui said on Monday."It was a pleasure for us that a big number of people from the Chinese community and our Omani brothers and sisters could attend the celebration," Xin added.


  • In the gala evening, a troupe from China's Yunnan Province showed the cultural heritage of their region, including unique customs and art. Jasmine dance, solo acrobatic show and shadow dance themed on China-Nepal friendship among others were the highlights of the event.
  • He noted that Sudan's efforts to reduce eye diseases have achieved positive results, saying that "the blindness rate in Sudan dropped from 500,000 cases to 200,000 cases, and by 2020 it will drop to less than 1,000 case."
  • The study published on Thursday online in the journal Science partially ruled out a hypothesis that the entangled particles would decorrelate from one another as they passed through separate gravitational regions of Earth.
  • BEIJING, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- Profits of China's State-owned enterprises (SOEs) continued to grow steadily in the first eight months of this year, but at a slower pace, data showed Wednesday.
  • With COVID-19 still raging across the world, China is prepared to have mutually beneficial cooperation with the United States on epidemic control and economic recovery, learn from each other and share experience on containing COVID-19, and join together with the United States the global response and multilateral cooperation in fighting COVID-19, he said.Guan Ziyan, 17, and Wang Jin, 20, finished 28th and 27th respectively in the first round of women's mogul qualification at Phoenix Snow Park.Although similar materials have been developed before, the actuator shows faster color changes and longer endurance compared with previous prototypes, Du said.
  • "We have many doctors like Xu working during the holiday. Thanks to their hard work, people can get the help they need," said Liang Baoping, director of the commission's international exchange and cooperation department.About 48.6 percent of the surveyed users began their career planning within three years after they started working, a Linkedin report showed Tuesday.
  • To celebrate the opening, Xiaomi offered a 30-percent discount on its top-of-the-line smartphones, but the store also featured scores of other high-tech electronics made by the firm, from surveillance cameras to vacuum cleaners, smart umbrellas, multifunctional clocks and LED lighting.




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      LUSAKA, Jan. 11 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese embassy in Zambia on Saturday held celebrations for the 2020 Spring Festival with a panoramic display of Chinese culture.

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      ssc循环打法The four documents refer to the 1972 Sino-Japanese Joint Statement, the 1978 China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship, the 1998 China-Japan Joint Declaration, and the 2008 joint statement on advancing strategic and mutually beneficial relations.

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    The performers from the Shaolin temple, which has been at the heart of Chinese martial arts for centuries, visited Greece in 2011.

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    ssc循环打法Friday also saw 14 asymptomatic cases newly reported, all arriving from outside the mainland. On the same day, one asymptomatic case was re-categorized as a confirmed case.

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    For his part, King Willem-Alexander extended his Chinese New Year's greetings to President Xi and the Chinese people.

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    ssc循环打法Wang also learned to strike a balance between work and life between two cities. Her three-year-old daughter is taken care of by her parents in her hometown of Harbin, so she manages to find time to return home to see her as often as possible.

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    "The GDC offers a lot of opportunities for Chinese game developers to expand their business scope, and with our language translation service, our company can help both Chinese game creators to go global and foreign companies to tap the Chinese market," Liang said.

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    ssc循环打法Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) meets with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in Osaka, Japan, June 28, 2019. (Xinhua/Pang Xinglei)

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      Visitors visit the 44th international building and trade fair in Belgrade, Serbia, on April 18, 2018. An annual international building and trade fair opened here on Wednesday, hosting more than 20 Chinese manufacturers of building materials, tools and machines, looking to extend their business to Serbia and the region. (Xinhua/Nemanja Cabric)